Meeting with George Paliani

July 26, 2023

The HALF-CHAIN team recently convened a meeting with George Paliani, during which we explored potential collaborative opportunities and addressed critical issues vital to the advancement of our field. The meeting fostered a warm and congenial atmosphere, conducive to open and unrestricted discussions. Within this context, several shared interests emerged, setting the stage for future cooperation.

Our dialogue centered on our mutual interest in forging a partnership and the potential for jointly executing ambitious projects. Both parties expressed a strong desire for collaboration that would yield positive outcomes for all involved.

During the meeting, HALF-CHAIN’s founder and CEO, Levani Tserekashvili, alongside COO Mukhran Shubitidze, provided our guests with insights into our company’s technological prowess. They underscored the necessity of establishing and fortifying the technological ecosystem within our nation.

Conducting the meeting in an informal setting facilitated candid exchanges of ideas and underscored the imperative of future cooperation. Furthermore, it underscored the pivotal role of technological projects in driving our country’s economic growth and harnessing its future potential in the tech sector.

Our encounter with George Paliani infused a sense of optimism and laid a solid foundation for prospective collaboration. As we concluded the meeting, both parties reviewed the outcomes achieved and concurred on the imperative of fostering future cooperation.

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