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HALF-CHAIN allowed young people living in Georgia to use NFT technology to create NFT project prototypes that had a specific utility. The prototypes were in line with the requirements of the global market.
We created a space for the applicants at the Georgian National University SEU during the NFT hackathon and allowed them to work as a team. Participants presented the prototypes generated according to the topic proposed by us to the judges.
The winning team in the Hackathon received 5000 GEL on behalf of HALF-CHAIN. The chosen ones of the judges and partner companies were awarded the following paid prizes:

HALF-CHAIN raised 85,000 GEL for the NFT Hackathon.
The event was covered by all leading TV channels.

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Applicants created groups, filled in the registration form, and thus were able to participate in the NFT Hackathon.

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