Meeting with Samuela Davidova

August 7, 2023

The HALF-CHAIN team recently convened a meeting with Samuela Davidova, the representative of Liberland, to address several pivotal issues crucial to our field’s development. This meeting was held in a welcoming atmosphere, fostering an ideal environment for open and constructive discussions. Throughout our dialogue, we identified shared interests and exchanged perspectives on matters of mutual concern.

Our discussions primarily centered on the exploration of potential areas for collaboration between our two organizations. Both parties expressed keen enthusiasm for cooperation that promises positive outcomes for all involved.

During the meeting, both sides took proactive steps toward realizing our shared ambitions. We also deliberated on the possibility of collaborating in upcoming events to facilitate ongoing engagement and partnership.

Levani Tserekashvili, The Founder and CEO of HALF-CHAIN, took the opportunity to acquaint our guests with our company’s technological strengths and emphasized the importance of nurturing and fortifying the technological ecosystem.

The meeting with Samuela Davidova left an indelible impression on all participants, infusing a profound sense of optimism and excitement about the potential for future collaborations.

In summary, the encounter with Samuela Davidova proved not only productive but also deeply inspiring, as it provided a platform for the exchange of common visions and the exploration of promising opportunities for our mutual benefit and cooperation.

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