Web3 ~ AI Hackathon

HALF-CHAIN is holding Hackathon Season 2 on Web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence at Georgian National University SEU on October 14-15.

The Hackathon is one of the largest and most important events held annually by HALF-CHAIN.

Applicants from all over Georgia will try to develop ideas and solve challenges in innovative ways using Web 3.0 and Artificial Intelligence. Hackathon participants will create sustainable prototypes using modern technologies.

Participation is possible with teams of 3-5 members.

The Hackathon will have one winning team that will be awarded 5,000 GEL. Sponsors, partner companies, and judges will also have their outstanding teams, which will also be awarded.

HALF-CHAIN and its partner companies will make a specific offer of employment to selected participants.

The composition of the judges is determined by 5 competent members who will evaluate the participant’s prototypes on the day of the presentation.

What’s important?

What's Important?

When & Where?

Location: SEU

Date: October 14-15, 2023

Registration deadline: from September 16 to October 17 , 23:59

Good luck!

What we Cover

Applicant Registration Process:

Registration is ongoing from September 7 to October 9 and only groups of people aged 18 to 32 can be registered. The team should consist of 3-5 members. Group members can be introduced and discovered through the HALF-CHAIN Facebook group.

Working Process:

Applicants must develop their ideas through WEB 3.0 Technology and Artificial Intelligence. You, the applicants, are thereby allowed to develop sustainable prototypes using modern technologies.

The Goal of The Hackathon:

The Hackathon aims to gather people interested in Modern Technology from all over Georgia and allow them to use their knowledge and visions and create sustainable prototypes. In this way, HALF-CHAIN will contribute to increasing the importance of WEB 3.0 Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Georgia.


The winning team will receive a prize of 5000 GEL. Sponsors, partner companies, and judges will also select other teams to be awarded as well.

Register on Hackathon

HALF-CHAIN is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider, which was founded in November 2022.

       Our mission is to empower the Web3 community with innovative solutions and simplify complex processes

for individuals and businesses.

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from September 16 to October 7

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Selection of applicants by the company

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Interview with selected applicants

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48 hours to create a prototype


Any interested person between the ages of 18-32

WEB 3.0 & Artificial Intelligence. Prototyping should be about making technical decisions around web3 and artificial intelligence. Also, it is important that participants find ways to integrate AI and Web3 for the prototype

Participants are registered in teams of 3-5 members. A group can be created, or a member can be added using the HALF-CHAIN Facebook group

The company will give 5000 GEL to the winner, and the selected teams of sponsors and partners will be given paid prizes. Also, you will get NFT certificates from the company and the selected teams will have the prospect of employment.



Knowing English is preferred, but not necessary for participation.

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