What we do

HALF-CHAIN is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider, which was founded in November 2022. Our mission is to empower the Web3 community with innovative solutions and simplify complex processes for individuals and businesses. HALF-CHAIN organizes events of technology and science and brings together like-minded individuals to drive forward the integration of advanced technological processes. Our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality services to our clients. We help businesses and individuals unlock the potential of blockchain technology and leverage its benefits to achieve their goals. Since our establishment in 2022, we have been actively involved in conducting scientific and technological events and research. Our team is passionate about exploring new technologies and applying them to real-world problems. We are dedicated to creating a better future through innovation and collaboration.





The First International Conference On Web3 ~ AI
Web3 ~ AI Hackathon





The First NFT Hackathon IN GEORGIA
Our vision

HALF-CHAIN’s vision is to lead the way in the adoption and integration of blockchain technology and other Web3 innovations, empowering individuals and businesses with cutting-edge solutions that simplify complex processes and unlock new opportunities. We strive to create a more decentralized, transparent, and efficient world where technology is used to promote social and environmental sustainability and communities are empowered to thrive. With a focus on artificial intelligence, metaverse development, smart contract development, and DAO development, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and forward-thinking community of like-minded individuals and organizations. We want to improve green social and economic factors, solve future technological challenges, and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable, equitable, and just world, leveraging our expertise and resources to address pressing social and environmental challenges and empower individuals and communities around the globe.


Our Team
Founder and CEO of half-chain, author of hackathon idea, main hackathon organizer, criminal lawyer
Levan Thserekashvili
Half-chain's operational director, hackathon main organizer, European expert, Master of International relations and international security
Mukhrani Shubitidze
Graphic designer of Half-Chain, main hackathon organizer, social media manager, digital artist, A student of psychology, philosophy and literature
Ana Gigashvili
Community Manager at Half-Chain, Master of Business Administration
Katie Mchedlishvili
Lead Sparks Developer, UI_UX Designer, Public Relations Specialist.
Nika Marghania
Half-chain copywriter
Taso Modebadze
Our News
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